Multi-modal Learning at Home and Abroad! – Lynn Long

bicycle1Last Tuesday, numerous brave souls trekked through blustery weather to attend the January Seminar in Learning Innovation & Pedagogy (SLIP). The focus of this session was, “The Ethics of On-line Teaching” and our discussion centered around several pertinent articles which had been selected by participants beforehand. One article of particular interest was, “Ethical Considerations in Providing Distance Education in the Light of Massification”. In this paper, Michael Sankey and Rod St Hill of the University of Southern Queensland highlight the movement of their facility towards on-line, multi-modal learning in response to an increasingly diverse student population. USQ has found that by assisting students in determining their preferred learning style and by designing learning experiences that cater to a wide range of learners, student success has improved, particularly for those who learn in non-traditional ways. The result has been a more inclusive and engaging curriculum that appeals to visual, aural and kinaesthetic learners.

As SLIP participants discussed the studies at USQ, it became apparent that multi-modal learning is a growing trend at UW as well. Podcasts have made their debut on several course websites this year and student feedback has indicated that they are a very effective study aid.  Audio-enhanced PowerPoint presentations have been incorporated into many DE courses and screencasting technology is being explored by numerous faculty members.

Another exciting learning tool is being employed in our own AFM 131. This course, offered by the School of Accounting and Finance, makes use of MikesBikes, an on-line business simulation, to enhance student learning. MikesBikes allows students to virtually manage a small bicycle manufacturing firm. Throughout the term, students are gradually given responsibility for making decisions pertaining to the sales and marketing, operations and finance of their firm. Students work in teams to undertake market research, analyze data, and make decisions just like professional managers in the real world.

It is exciting to see the innovative ways in which technology is being used on campus to provide students with a richer, more engaging learning experience.

If you would like to learn more about the work being done at USQ, click here and hereIf you are interested in exploring the world of MikesBikes visit the Smartsims site.

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Lynn Long

As a CTE Faculty Liaison, Lynn Long assists instructors in the School of Accounting and the Economics Department in designing innovative learning activities that engage students online and in the classroom. She also serves as guide for instructors to access other CTE resources. Lynn obtained her B.Sc. in Chemistry from the University of Western Ontario and worked for a number of years as a coatings chemist. Completion of her B.Ed. led Lynn to a position at Fanshawe College where she designed and instructed courses for the Academic and Career Entrance Program. In 2005, Lynn moved with her husband and two children to her current home in Elmira. Consequently, she began and continues to teach distance education courses for Fanshawe College.

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