The Birth of the Learning Studio – Lynn Long

Last term, Marlene Griffith Wrubel , Jane Holbrook and I offered a new type of workshop to instructors in the Faculty of Arts. We called it the Learning Studio in order to distinguish it from our previous workshops which had typically involved a presentation supplemented with questions and answers. The “Customizing Your Course in ACE” Learning Studio took place in the FLEX Lab where three CTE staff simultaneously facilitated three small discussion groups each focusing on a specific online learning topic. Participants were able to choose which discussion group to join and were able to move to a different group at any time. Marlene and I were excited by the dynamic learning environment that we saw evolve during the first studio. Continue reading The Birth of the Learning Studio – Lynn Long

Multi-modal Learning at Home and Abroad! – Lynn Long

bicycle1Last Tuesday, numerous brave souls trekked through blustery weather to attend the January Seminar in Learning Innovation & Pedagogy (SLIP). The focus of this session was, “The Ethics of On-line Teaching” and our discussion centered around several pertinent articles which had been selected by participants beforehand. One article of particular interest was, “Ethical Considerations in Providing Distance Education in the Light of Massification”. In this paper, Michael Sankey and Rod St Hill of the University of Southern Queensland highlight the movement of their facility towards on-line, multi-modal learning in response to an increasingly diverse student population. Continue reading Multi-modal Learning at Home and Abroad! – Lynn Long