CTE’s PD Day – Jane Holbrook and Veronica Brown

Creating a Thank You poster at the end of the dayThis has been a really busy year for CTE. We have moved two offices into one, participated in the launch of LEARN, and continued our usual consulting and programming. Everyone from our Centre came together a couple of weeks ago to spend time with each other and to have some fun getting to know each other better. The theme for our PD day was communication and people found lots of great ways to explore this topic.

We spent our retreat day talking about:

  • what we can do to effectively communicate who we are and what we do;
  • better ways to promote our Centre’s activities;
  • how to develop more effective ways to communicate with each other and inform one another of our activities; and
  • what we do as instructional developers and communicate that to the outside world.

Exchanging Ideas at Morning Coffee

Spending time together helped us find some solutions to shared challenges and better understand each others’ roles. Everyone in the Centre contributed by planning group activities, planning lunch, preparing sessions or working behind the scenes to make this a relaxing and worthwhile day.

Laughing  during the icebreaker


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Veronica Brown

As Senior Instructional Developer, Curriculum & Quality Enhancement, Veronica Brown provides oversight and facilitative support for departmental and Faculty-wide curriculum planning initiatives. She also leads the development and implementation of the Centre’s assessment plan for understanding the impact and quality of our work.

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