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GRT busWhen I’m not riding my bike to work, I usually take the bus. Waiting for any of the number 7 buses, one overhears things. In the spirit of the “Overheard at” websites, I’d like to offer occasional orts of wisdom from students who, at the end of their day, are either waiting for the bus on sitting near me on the 7.

Pair # 1:

“Look at those steps to the new building. It’s like they’re trying to be a Mayan temple or something! Impossible to climb. Ostentatious. What is it even?”
“Yeah, that’s Engineering 5. I hear they’re already planning Engineering 6.”
“Wow! Crazy. They pay like twice our tuition or something. Like not just 1.5 but almost 2x!”

Pair #2:

“I am so confused — my prof changed the grading distribution like 4 times in the past 2 weeks. I don’t know what’s up and what’s down.”
“Yeah. I hate when everyone gets blanket extensions too. Like I plan for one thing and then everything gets extended, and then it throws off all the other plans for the other courses, and my work runs into other work.”
“And PD sucks.”
“What’s PD?”
“Oh — Professional Development — otherwise known as stupid waste of time they make you do during work term.”

Do I smile or weep?

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As Senior Instructional Developer, Curriculum and Programming, Trevor Holmes plans and delivers workshops and events in support of faculty across the career span. Prior to joining the Centre for Teaching Excellence, Trevor worked at a variety of universities teaching courses, supporting faculty and teaching assistants through educational development offices, and advising undergraduates. Trevor’s PhD is from York University in English Literature, with a focus on gothic literature, queer theory, and goth identities. A popular workshop facilitator at the national and international levels, Trevor is also interested in questions of identity in teaching and teaching development.

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