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KI-X 2011

A special exhibit opened today at the University of Waterloo Art Gallery showcasing seven museum exhibits designed by groups of students in the Knowledge Integration (KI) program at UW. The exhibition will only be available until Wednesday at 6pm.

This is the culmination of over a year of work, including four courses and an overseas field trip to Amsterdam. This is truly integration as it draws on different disciplines (from art to engineering), different types of learning (courses, research, experiential, self-directed, team based) and pulling it all together to build publicly accessible museum design projects from which we can learn.

In spring 2010 students travelled to Amsterdam for a field trip and intensive exploration of museums. After they returned, they spent much of the next year applying what they learned to design their own museum exhibits. This year students will be heading to Berlin at the end of April.

Exhibits include:

  • bukimi no tani – learn why robots may make you feel uncomfortable
  • Give Peace a Chance – learn about peaceful protest including John and Yoko’s bed-ins
  • Guess What – learn about archaeology and figuring out the purpose of an unknown object
  • In Your Dreams – learn about dreams
  • Knocked Out! – learn about concussions
  • Letters Numbers Colours – learn about synesthesia, where some people see letters and numbers in colour
  • Math Tools – learn about how limitations in mathematical tools like the slide rule led to the development of new ones

Check it out!

Hours for the Exhibition:

  • Tuesday March 15, 12-7 pm
  • Wednesday March 16, 12-6 pm

University of Waterloo Art Gallery
East Campus Hall (ECH) Room 1239
263 Phillip St., Waterloo

Limited metered parking is available behind East Campus Hall.
Visitors Parking in Lot UWP, Lot N and Lot B after 3:45 pm (Lot B is permit only before 3:45 pm)

Here’s a campus map (ECH is at the far right; click on “permit parking” to see Lot B):

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