CTE’s Eventful April – Shelley Bacik

The Centre for Teaching Excellence organized three large events in April, 2010.  The Presidents’ Colloquium on Teaching and Learning (PCTL), the Learning and Teaching Workshops (LaT), and the Opportunities and New Directions (OND) conference were held April 26, 27 and 28, 2010, respectively.

I want to send out a thank you to all departments that provided services for these events from across the University of Waterloo campus.    From ordering the food, booking rooms, getting directional signs, technical assistance, printing, flight arrangements, poster boards/tables/chairs, etc., wine and cheese events, book printing, arranging a book signing, financial matters, payroll processing,  advertising, mailings, etc. absolutely every department was very helpful and  a pleasure to deal with.

The services provided by our “on-campus” departments are second to none and are what contribute to the success of these events. The quality of the service provided was absolutely exceptional and the staff was courteous and eager to help. I received many compliments by all who attended these events and I wanted to pass that along to all of the people who really helped make these events a success.


Shelley Bacik

Administrative Assistant, Centre for Teaching Excellence


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