More technology in teaching? – Jane Holbrook

keyboard1 I’m spending increasing amounts of time at my computer, and I’m not particularly happy about it. On the days when my hands seem to be permanently glued to my keyboard and my eyes and brain are dulled by the glare on my monitor, I wonder how I can ever recommend to instructors that they try something new that involves technology. I suspect that instructors are also evaluating how much time and effort they are willing to put into aspects of their teaching that require more time logged in front of the screen. Continue reading More technology in teaching? – Jane Holbrook

Wikis: Which One is Right for You? – Mark Morton

wiki-illustrationWikis are an online tool that allow numerous individuals to access and edit the same document at the same time. They are a powerful educational tool in the right situations, but the problem is that there are scores of wiki applications — which one is best for your purposes? Well, to help you choose, you might make use of the online Wiki Wizard, which asks you a series of questions and then recommends a handful based upon your responses. Try the Wiki Wizard here.

A World of Friends – Sheila Hannon

linked_computer1How’s the weather? I asked one of my students in an email message.
“Hot and dry – well above 30 C.”
But in the next message, another student complained about the below freezing temperatures.
Somebody obviously needs some remedial help with thermometer reading.
Or do they?
When you’re teaching students via the internet, it’s more than possible to receive such seemingly diverse answers during email small talk. Our students aren’t clustered in a classroom on the UW campus, but spread out around the globe.
Internet education is growing by leaps and bounds – an estimated 20 per cent per year. Continue reading A World of Friends – Sheila Hannon

Slippery Fish – Jane Holbrook

fishI want to spend a little time … reflecting on time…How we spend or waste it, where we spend it and who we spend it with, is really the essence of who we are. We all have to make daily decisions on what we do with this very precious commodity. Our students make these decisions every day. Continue reading Slippery Fish – Jane Holbrook