Shed the Light of the Sun – Mark Morton

In a previous post, I mentioned the recent creation of a CTE Tip Sheet devoted to Faculty Mentoring. I think it might be timely to follow up that post with some “testimonials” about the impact of mentors, ones that were submitted to the contest component of the 2010 Loving to Learn Day. That contest had four categories: UW students, staff, and faculty; students in Grades 1 to 8; students in Grades 9 to 12; and everyone else. The mentors that people wrote about for that contest about were diverse: parents, grandparents, spouses, colleagues, children, elementary school teachers, fictional characters, aunts, baby-sitters, brothers-in-law, hockey players, strangers in a nursing home, veterans, graduate supervisors, pets,  and more. Continue reading Shed the Light of the Sun – Mark Morton

Research Informing Teaching in the Classroom – Brad Mannell

One of the premises of good teaching at the University of Waterloo is that professors who are good researchers as well as good teachers can provide a richer learning experience in the university classroom.  What are the strategies that professors can use to translate their experience of being a researcher into enriched learning experiences for their students? Continue reading Research Informing Teaching in the Classroom – Brad Mannell

Mentoring Faculty – Mark Morton

The original Mentor was an aged advisor in The Odyssey. The guidance that Mentor provided to his young ward, Telemachus, was apparently so superb that in the seventeenth century his name became synonymous with sage  counsel. Examples of famous mentoring relationships abound: Haydn mentored Beethoven, Freud mentored Jung, Ezra Pound mentored T.S. Eliot, and Lawren Harris mentored Emily Carr.  Continue reading Mentoring Faculty – Mark Morton