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Winter 2014 — what’s in store for faculty teaching development?

Welcome to January! This is a pretty special term for us here at CTE in that we have our new workshop spaces fully operational. We hope you’ll come round for our official Open House on January 20th between 10 and 2 to see the space and experience its features. More than that, we hope it […]

The ISW (Instructional Skills Workshop) Annual Reunion – Monica Vesely

The ISW (Instructional Skills Workshop) Annual Reunion – Monica Vesely   Since the initial offering of the Instructional Skills Workshop in May of 2008, 120 participants from across all six faculties have completed ISW at the University of Waterloo. On Wednesday, November 13th, a group of ISW past participants gathered in EV1 241 to (re)connect […]

Refining my Twitter “voice” for CTE tweets — Trevor Holmes

I think I was probably born in the wrong era. Sometimes, I feel like a late Victorian. Other times, I feel like a Millennial. I want to talk about the latter feeling in today’s blog post. In a dizzyingly “meta” moment, I’ll probably tweet the link to it as soon as I post. You see, […]

Farewell – Darlene Radicioni

Change…never stops, however we at times wish it would.  After thirteen years at CTE it is time to bow out. When I first started, I was hired by the TRACE Department (Teaching Resources and Continuing Education). There was a director, Gary Griffin, associate director, Donna Ellis (now director), Verna Keller, myself and one TA developer. […]

How Co-op Changed My Perspective on Teaching – Haley Roberts

Since high school, teachers have warned me about university. They would tell me that when I get to university, no one will come to class with copies of the lecture notes for me, and they will just talk at me for an hour. Coming out of my first year of university, I would have to […]

Finding opportunities and taking new directions – Veronica Brown

Today is the Opportunities and New Directions (OND) conference at the University of Waterloo. I just learned that we’re expecting almost 160 participants, most from Waterloo but lots from other institutions, too. When I realized my blog date was the same as the conference, I thought it would be exciting to blog from the conference. […]

The hidden classroom

As you stand at the front of your class, about to start the session, what do you see? What do you notice about your students? Who sits at the front? Who sits at the back? Who is chronically late? Who rarely makes it to class? Who always sits alone? While we see our students at […]